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tv   ABC7 News at 9 on KOFY  KOFY  September 23, 2010 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>. >> after 4 years the family of san francisco cop has a sense of peace tonight. loved ones and fellow officers packed a courtroom to hear the verdict. vick lee is in the newsroom with the news. >> in the verdict guilty of
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murder and all other counts including robbery and evading police. this after a 5 week trial and two days of deliberation by a jury which convicted steven pat of kill officer burke during a car chase. >> came forward with a verdict based on the facts based on the evidence. not just to protect officers but the citizens that were also a victim of street terror that night. >>reporter: prosecutor fleming hugged officer burke family members outside the courtroom. it has been 4 years since the son was killed. the defendant steven pat was 19 when he plowed his van into officer's patrol car. the fatal crash occurred the nature of july 26 2006. here at cambridge and fulton street. the defendant was in the stolen van with two others and led police on high speed car chase after committing a string of robberies. they
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wound their way from highway 280 through city streets. impact of the crash flipped burke police crosser open to the sidewalk. the officer had been on the force 5 years at the time he was station oned at bay view police station. fellow officers were livid when they found out that the defendant was out on bail when the murder happened. >> i will feigned out why this piece of garbage was not incarcerated. >>reporter: today dozens of officers packed the courtroom to show their support for the fallen comrade. he broke down and cried softly after the verdict was read. outside the courtroom officer burke's father spoke of for giveness. >> flt defendant we for give you. if we are all human' and we make mistakes. and your family about.
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>>reporter: since the murder occurred during a robbery this is a special circumstances case and in san francisco that means the defendant could get life without parole. sentencing will be set next month. 2 others in the van that night are awaiting trial for the same murder. vick le, 7 news. >> thanks very much. san jose city colleges stepping up police patrol following a campus attack against a student. police 8 a female student assaulted on the second floor of the parking garage just before 4 on tuesday afternoon. victim says a man with a strong smell of could loan grabbed her sweatshirt from behind and swung her in a wall while she was walking to her car. well the victim thankfully was able to push the suspect away and run to her car. men time this is a police sketch of a man wanted for attacking a woman jogging sunday on a popular trail in south sap jose. man tried to sex isally assault her after pushing her that an
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aquaduct near snell road and colleen drive. woman faa fought off attack and escaped. if you have any information call the santa clara county shaivts department or san jose police immediately. breakthrough finally tonight on california's long overdue budget. state has now gone 85 days without a spending plan. that's longest delay in california history but late today at meeting in santa monica the governor and leaders of the legislature agreed on the framework of a deal. deal that political leaders hope will zero out the state 19 billion dollar deficit. >> significant cut and work through the details throughout the weekend and then monday come back together and recop serene and hammer out the details hopefully have a final agreement. >>reporter: there are a lot of details to be worked out over the wean. political leaders hope to announce an actual budget deal by monday and call lawmakers back to sacramento for hearings and vote at the beginning of next week. and certainly a daily can not come soon enough. as
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long as the state does in the pay its bills visitors to state park might be in for unexpected and unpleasant surprise. capitol correspondent annette has the story. almost unfathomable happening in california. >>reporter: whether you enjoy the beaches, campground or historical sites in california you might have to hold it or bring your own toilet paper when nature calls. the state budget is so late a state credit card used to buy supplies is being cancelled by the bank due to lack of payment. that means the state park department can no longer buy toilet paper for its rural sites. >> this is outrageous. today it is toilet paper. tomorrow trail closure. rest ramp closure at state beaches. people don't know what to expect. >>reporter: urban state park have the advantage of going to state warehouses for the supplies. the park department though can't say which rural sites are affected. but estimates it is roughly one-third of the nearly 300 state parks.
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>> isn't just toilet paper. it's bulk fall for cars, cars, trucks. it is auto parts for fixing cars and trucks or other equipment. lawn equipment. it is housekeeping supplies. >>reporter: budget negotiations on how to close the 19 billion dollar deficit has been painstakingly slow. meetings taking place in los angeles this week because the governor has been too sick to travel to the capitol. credit card won't be good until budget and back payments are paid. the visitors thought the toilet paper was foychbility make sure we take our own. >>reporter: others didn't realize what a late bump it meant. >> just how dire the situation is and how real it is too. i mean it's gotten to the point where they literally can't by toilet paper. this is real. >>reporter: supporters of proposition 21 seize the opportunity to push the november ballot initiative that eliminates state park funding from the general fund and replaces it the with higher dmv fee to support the system. >> it takes it out of the
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budget process in sacramento we have seen what a mess this has become. >>reporter: state park are also letting the water bill lapse. they are working with water companies but if the water does have to be shut off the state says it might have to shut down some state parks due to health an safety reasons but late word is there is a general budget agreement among leaders and that could avoid this whole mess. in sacramento, abc 7 news. the. >> two weeks ago today pg&e gas line blew up in san bruno setting an entire neighborhood on fire. state regulators today held the first meeting since that explosion and first on the agenda a resolution that shields no one from blame. >> bottom line is that to ensure the public that we have safe and rae liable natural gas transmission system as an agency we mutts restore the public confidence by keeping all options on the table. >>reporter: commissioners voted to create a panel of independent fact finders. resolution does not specify whether pg&e shareholders or rate payers should pick up the
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two million dollar tab for the investigation. 2 commissioners say it should be the shareholders. >> we are prepared to use shareholder funding to funtd independent panel of the c p c investigation. however that ultimate direction is going to have to come from the c p c and well fully comply with whatever direction they decide. >>reporter: the panel investigation is expected to take 6 months. and meantime the official klein is now under way in san bruno. start of long and expensive process to begin again for people there wayne reports from the neighborhood where there are heavy hearts and heavy equipment. tirjs san bruno fire zone this morning the heavy equipment rolled in and through the barricade. start of month long two million dollar county funded project to clear away the remnant of 35 burned homes. >> basically when you see the site it will be a dirt lot. >>reporter: dean peterson runs the county department of environmental health and says that so far 25 homeowners have
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signed twivrs begin work. more will probably follow. >> one less thing to worry bi-dave lost his home on glen view drive. today he was back at work running the family business. quick stop. david is supplier donating 4 cent from every gallon to the glen view fire relief fund. >> people need help. moreym help than i need. >>reporter: tonight mark the with week anniversary of the fatal gas line explosion that affected so many people even indirectly. >> i felt the heat through my car and i got out and i was just stunned. >>reporter: even now she fights back emotion when describe what this neighborhood has been through. >> every day, every day you think about it. just sadens my heart and affects so many of us. >>reporter: so now the dirty work begins. phase 2 of renewal that can rebuild but not restore. >> we have those, the memory of those homes that were there and how our neighborhood was before and it's not the same.
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it will never be the same. >> there has been some concern about the air quality from all the dust that will be kicked in the air during the reconstruction process. there are water trucks keeping that dust down. also concern by the county about asbestos that might have been in any homes but the county says as of now item not a serious concern. from san bruno, abc 7 news. the federal investigators say 2 planes came as close to disaster as they have ever seen. coming up. 100 feet apart. hear one pilot reaction as the other plane roars by. >> plus clearing up the confusion after new study questions the effectiveness once again of mammograms. >> least up to near the triple digit mark. i'm going to have your weekend accu-weather your weekend accu-weather forecast is that thavrjts also gubernatorial candidate whitman breaks her silence on one of the state most highly contestedyççñóçi)ññ
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we are fourteenth in line for te off. beep, beep, beep. looks like its bumper to bumper on e interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! should he skipped that second soda. remove your belt, ur watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas sts today. seven dollars for a pillow! extra bag costs what? i hate traic! (train child) the train is now arriving. (announcer) the train has arrived indeed amtrk. enjoy the journey. >> sad news to report. word came that ed fisher has died. avenues singer but his fame really was overshadowed by scandal pending his marriages to deb reynolds and elizabeth
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taylor. family says he died last nature of complications from hip surgery at a hospital in berkeley. ed fisher was 85 years old. federal investigators say an error by an air traffic control commander led to a serious close call between a u.s. airways jet and a cargo plane above minneapolis neighborhood. take a look at what happened last thursday. faa says u.s. airway jet the yellow line here in the animation took off about the same time as the cargo plane seen here as a red line. okay. well the passenger plane turned left as you see the cargo plane did not. 2 planes were cloud cover couldn't see one another but one pilot could hear the other plane pass hi. listen now to the u.s. air pilot reaction when he was talking to air traffic controllers. >> watch the guy off the west side. >> minneapolis departure at contact. looks like possibly
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straight out. >> okay. we just had we heard the guy go by. >>reporter: investigators say the plane were between 50 and 100 feet apart and 1500 feet off the ground when this happen. investigators say the tower controller incorrectly told u.s. airway pilot to turn when he should not have. collision avoid answer system aboard the u.s. airway jet did issue climb instructions to avoid a collision. cargo jet equipped with the system. pilot was unaware what was happening actually. again they were in cloud cover. faa says this incident is one of the most serious mistakes it has ever seen. you have heard doctors say that mammograms save lives by detecting breast cancer early but new study says they don't save as many lives as first thought and hoped. stoy in the new england journal of immediate stirs up the debate once again over routine mammogram. more now from lee ann. >> carmen of san rafael is getting her yearly mammogram
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today. >> i think it is a good way to get start theed and is self exam. yes. i do think they are necessary. >>reporter: but data collected among 40,000 women in their 50's and 60's in norway found that mammogram reduced the death rate by only 10%. the research showed mammogram is not a magic bullet and doesn't deserve all the credit for reducing the risk of death. modern treatment likely play as greater role. dr. laura is a nationally known breast surge on with uc sf. >> benefit of early detection become not as critical in the face of good treatment. it isn't that screening doesn't have any benefits. but it is less in the face of optimal treatment. that's all good news. >>reporter: so this is likely to once again start the debate over when and how often women should get routine screenings. the american cancer society says women should get screened every year starting at 40.
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joy is the director of the center for health care policy at uc davis. she says women in their 40's should discuss it with their doctors. >> depending on her particular preferences, her risk factor make that decision together with her physician. and starting at the aiming of 50 she get raw teen mammography every one to 2 years. >>reporter: norway study also point out the awareness campaign surrounding breast cancer is another reason why fewer women are dying. >> find something abnormal or something that is significantly different go and see your physician. if you be aware of your risk factor if you have a strong family history. discuss it with your provider. your physician. should you consider getting genetic testing. >>reporter: you should know that norway has yawn versusal health care system which means that all women have alaska is is tows health care. that is not the case here in the united states is abc 7 news. okay. first full day of
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fall is come to an end. sandy is here item a hot one. >> yes. bust out the bathing suit. get ready for some beach or pal weather really it's nice and warm weather. >> scorching heat coming to us. >> inland area will approach the triple digit mark approaching monday so really some serious heat for fall. how appropriate. get you outside. we never really had much of a summer so we are going to give you summer in fall. live picture from the high definition camera. showing you the financial district. looking at the transamerica pyramid sitting under clear skies. no fog anywhere to be found here in the bay area and we are not expecting it tonight or tomorrow. so that sets the stage for another warm-up tomorr. today temperatures were already running warm. here's what it looks like writ now. mainly 60's. and 70's. concord, antioch, we have a few 50's in novato and a half moon basement hottest day sunday and monday and we are looking at warm beach weather
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for a stretch of several days. the here's what brings the heat. we have the ridge of high pressure. it is developing in strong ridge develops as we head into the weekend and into monday. that's when we are going to start to notice the temperatures going up, up. quit a bit up. 6 to 12 degrees warmer heading into friday. 90's inland. 70's at the pweechlts sunny skies are expected and really the heat peaks on monday when temperatures well inland will approach 100ege mark inland areas will be the place where you will see of course the biggest heat there. 80's ong our keingt license so you go from 70's to 80's by mon. tonight we hang on to some of the warmth from early in the day and mainly low to mid 50's except santa rosa at 48 degrees. clear start warm day in the south bay. 86 in santa clara and cupertino. 87 for san jose. peninsula you are all lacking at 80's menlo park redwood city mount view 84 at the beaches low to mid 70's. so half moon bay
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getting up to 74 degrees. downtown san francisco almost 10 degree warm-up there. 81 there. 73 in daly city. sunset district 74. a little warm numbers so going above ample this time of year. in the north bay upper 80's for santa rosa. nap a.90 in novato. east bay sunshine for you. 84 in oakland. 83 for hayward. inland areas very narrow range of high pressure in the low 90's. 90 for danville. livermore and around the monterey bay you need is the unscreen if hitting the beach in santa cruz. 87 degrees. 91 in holster. 7 day forecast very warm couple of days ahead. bay side inland in the 80's. coastal area in the low 70's. the heat builds with hottest day sunday through tuesday and mid upper 90's inland. coastal areas mid to upper 70's. it is going to be a slow downward trend dan as we head to the middle and latter
9:21 pm
part of next week. >> looks like it. thananks very much. much. >> all right. evict from if still ahead why the hit iconic show is giving one of america most popular singers the boot. >> proposition 23 putting the fight on global warming on hold. long awaited physician statement from republican candidate
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then calan agent at 1-800-state-farm >> british police arrested 6 people on suspicion of inciting racial hatred over a you tube video apparently showing them setting fire to copies of the koran f.convicted they face up to seven years in jail under new laws aimed at wiping out relimb us hatred. now these arrest ins britain follow a
9:25 pm
controversy that started when florida pastor jones said he would burn the koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks couple weeks ago. jones ended up changing his plans. we don't know if that stunt inspired the fellows in britain. >> on to some politic in california. the meg whitman today took a long awaited stand on proposition 23. she will vote against the measure to repeal california's green house gas legislation. tonight groups opposed to that measure are holding house parties across the bay area this meeting is in palo alto. with more on whitman and brown stand on prop 23 here's political reporter mark matthews. >> last week whitman told reporters she still hadn't made up her mind on proposition 23. that would suspend california landmark global climate change law. >> i'm not dodging it. we'll come out on position probably in the next week or 10 day, now she is saying she
9:26 pm
will vote against prop 23. proposition would roll back carbon emission standards as long as unemployment in california was above 5 and a half percent. whitman now says that stand arrested is too stringent. at the same time she believes the state global warming laws are hurting more than they are helping. >> today in california only 1% of all jobs are green jobs. 99 percent of jobs are in the rest of the economy. and while we nuture our green economy committee we captain hurt the rest of the economy. >>reporter: so whitman favors suspending the green house gas law for a year. until the economy gets better. >> we change the implementation schedule so we don't hurt the trucker and farmer and manufacturers. >>reporter: speaking at solar installation company in newark today, brown said whitman position makes no sense. >> stop and start is exactly what people hate about government. they never can get their act together and keep going. >>reporter: brown told reporters california has to send a clear message on
9:27 pm
alternative energy. >> you want to create certainty. you want to create a framework of confidence so people will invest. >>reporter: mark matthews reporting. to politic in washington. when we continues tonight the gop new rally cry. 45 pages of promises they say will help them take back congress. fichlt cyberterrorism. computer worm that may be targeting a nuclear power plant in iran. from silicon valley. ground breaking look at information in its tiniest possible form. we'll show what you could fit on an atom.ú
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>> good evening wins again. start this half hour with a big breakthrough on very tiny subject. researchers at ibm in san jose are studying the behavior of atom and what they find could dramatically change computing as we know it. >> ibm scientist andrea and sebastian will tell you it takes a big machine to study small matters of great importance. this highly refineryed scanning tunnel microscope allows them to study the behavior of atoms. >> single atom the smallest thing you do engineering with so our mission is to find out how can we do computation and data storage starting from single atom. >>reporter: they are part of a team that has developed a breakthrough technique. they just published the research in the journal science. they had the ability to record the behavior inside atoms spinning ain't credible speeds. that has unlocked the mystery of
9:32 pm
how long information stay ins a single atom. >> for one nanosecond so you can not do much in one nanosecond. that is billions of a second. unimaginable small number. >>reporter: but this microscope can also move atom. researchers use a model to illustrate what happens when they manipulate the red iron atom. >> just by placing another atom that is not even magnetic close to it we increase the data retention time factor of 200. >>reporter: they are envision okay data storage that sounds like science fiction but keep in mind this memory stick can now hold 1,000 times more information than this hard drive when it was invented in 1956. the implication of the ibm research range from an expo nextal increase in the number of songs and movie on the i-pod to quantum leap in solar technology. >> in the end what we can do is create tools and create
9:33 pm
ototype that may end up in product. >>reporter: he has been working on this project for 12 years. while this breakthrough gives people a glimpse at what is possible in atom storage, the journey will be measured not in years but in decades. in san jose, abc 7 news. computer virus is causing alarm all over the world. called stuck net. worm can take overcome putting system by way of nothing more than a rogue memory stick. experts believe it has been designed to attack a nuclear power station in iran causing it to malfunctioned. they say the virus is so sophisticated it appears only another country could have created it. ralph a german security expert is who is follow the situation says quote still few days ago people didn't believe direct attack like this was possible. 1 u.s. security expert says congress needs to give utility regulators authority to mandate protection. so far the worm affected 45,000
9:34 pm
industrial net works all over the world. in the mean time president obama told world leaders at the un today that iran must prove to the world that its newshawk program is for peaceful purposes only. iran foreign minister says the country is ready to resume the talk but says discussion must be fair. united nations annual meeting took dark turn today when nicaragua want diplomat found dead in a bronx apartment with his throat cut. his body was discovered by the driver when he was on the way to take the official to the united nations general assembly meeting. well 6 weeks before the november election republicans have pulled a page from the old my book hoping to repeat their insurgent victory at the poll in 1994. midterm manifesto is dubbed the pledge to america. john karl has been digging through it. >> thank you speaker. >>reporter: outside the lumber yard a group of tea
9:35 pm
party presented would be speaker of the house john bainer with a tea kelts. inside a republican presented their plan. >> our pledge to america is that the republicans stand ready to get it done and beginning today. >>reporter: echo of gingrich contract with america. unveiled on the capitol steps in september 1994. just before republicans won control of congress. >> biggest difference? clothing. no tie this time around. tm venue. lumber yard not the capitol steps. republican made a point of getting outside the capitol belt way to unveil the new pledge. they didn't get that far outside. in fact the capitol building itself is just about 20 miles away in that direction. agenda include as litany of things republicans have talking about for a long time. from extending the bush tax cut to repealing the health care law to slashing government spending. including the roughly 250 billion dollars in
9:36 pm
unspent stimulus funds. >> government is out of control in washington. >>reporter: this is hardly a tea party manifesto. 45 page document more photographs than specifics on spending cuts. no mention of controlling social security or medicare. no mention of eliminating any federal department. not even a promise to eliminate earmarks or pork barrel spending. aren't enough cuts in the thing that i see to get anywhere near balance budget. >> i think people that are evaluating the pledge to america should understand that it is designed to be a good start. >>reporter: republicans hope a good campaign tool, too. the this is abc news, sterling news, sterling, virginia. >> just ahead here tonight. bad guys on bike in berkeley. crack down on 2 wheel safety offenders. that's coming up next. >> forget the bear spray. montana woman stops a bear with attacking her with a conveniently table. story as conveniently table. story as the news
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>> berkeley beware police tracking down on cyclist who don't obey the traffic laws. roll through a stop sign and you will be ticketed. police say it is all about safety but as cecelia reports some cyclist say it's just not fair. >>reporter: it was as if they didn't even see the stop sign. one cyclist and the fix and the next rolling right throug through. and today in berkeley ignoring this the the and no cyclist wants or expects to hear. fichlt the reason i stopped you is going through the stop sign. >>reporter: crack down on bike safety and in this year
9:41 pm
of peace and love cyclist felt like they got neither let alone a break from the police. >> city is congested. a lot of collisions. that's why we are out here today. >>reporter: for the past 6 years there have been 4 fatal accidents involving bike ins berkeley. might not sunday like very much but police say that in all 4 cases it is the cyclist who were at fault. >> we are out here hoping to educate and enforce bikers riding recklessly. want people to slow down at intersections to look both ways. be away of surroundings. >>reporter: in two high pressures police issued 19 tickets to cyclist. most because the rider blew right through a stop sign. moving violation same as a car and comes with hefty price tag up to 200 dollars. >> does it seem fair to you. >> no. not really. i think item a great idea. about time. they are subject to the same law as the car they should be stopping at stop signs and yielding and stopping at red lights this.
9:42 pm
>>reporter: year alone 129 cyclist have been injured on berkeley streets. but whet the crack down is worth it depends on which side of the handlebar you sit. in berkeley, this is abc 7 news. and now to a story about improvising in a crisis. montana woman found black bear attacking her collie then charged her making a spwip with the paw tearing her jean. she grabbed the nearest object she could find. large zucchini. she threw it at the bear hitting him on top of the head. believe it or not the bear surprisingly ran off. both woman and the collie are okay. who knew you could weaponize a sue kin. >> coming up. bay area man takes a swing at selling his baseball collection. up next. home run stock pile of celebrity signature that he celebrity signature that he has gathered over the years . >> all american teenager. except she's not an american.
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[ jogging ] [ breathing heavily ] whoa!
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postscript. >> there are mixed feelings after british girl won the title of america perfect team. contestant and parents say the girl doesn't desearch to win. the panel interest happened book states clearly the contest is open to anyone from america, puerto rico and anyone who owns property in the united states. her parents own vacation home in florida. she wins 20,000 dollars in cash and scholarships. >> cut over cleavage. singer perry duet has been eliminated from upcoming show even before it aired. sesame street. ♪ sfot she perform kid friendly version of hot and cold with
9:47 pm
elmo. producers pulled it after clip leaked on the web and parents wrote to pbs claiming her outfit is too revealing for a kid show. thousands of other parents wrote on the station web site saying the actions are unwarranted and unnecessary. but it has been pulled. >> update the weather forecast. pretty nice looking weather around her and if you are going anywhere we have the get away. >> great for the get away forecast. mendocino upper 60's in the afternoon. really nasty and $1 million for the weaned. monterey great place to be. low to mid 70's. as you head out towards sacramento, redding area it gets hot. redding low to mid 90's friday and saturday and then really getting toasty 98 there on sunday. sacramento low to mid 90s so a warm-up heading into the weekend. one last stop if you are traveling to tahoe. sunny weather and warm conditions. after the chilly low upper 20's to low 30's in the morning but upper 70's to le80's. yos mate looking at low to mid 90's.
9:48 pm
here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast here. warmer each every day through monday and temperatures near the triple digit mark inland. upper 70's at the beaches and then a graduate drop in temperatures. milt of next week. >> okay. thanks sandy very much. >> celebrity and obligation among them autographs. some celeb ty sign things from paper to bear skin but as wayne found out, the castro valley man had a better idea. >> we are about to show you the sometimes subtle difference between filing and l piling. >> there's a pool table under all this. >>reporter: bob of castro valley definitely a pileer and proud of it and when a guy collect as much precious stuff as bob does that means multiple layer of pile even in the kitchen. >> 12 years ago i had a party here and would you not believe the difference, looks like you never cleaned up. >> that's a thought. >>reporter: if you peruse the pile in the house however you
9:49 pm
will find one recuring theme. concept that baseball season never ends. >> i usually. >>reporter: 6400 autograph baseball. >> maybe 10% of the collection is baseball players. >>reporter: page, roger and sandy and babe ruth. >> he didn't sign. i about the the ball. >>reporter: but the rest lick gene kelly dear abby fulfilled personal request. he sent them each a baseball and return envelope. throw in a photo and ask that they add himself to his klichlt they are she been ri ty famous people. they touched it. held it. >>reporter: you celts on baseball because? >> they are different. but now the twist because after 3 decades and 6400 signatures bob has decided to put the entire collection up for sail. >> how could you watch it fwoychlt the that will hurt but i would like to see it maybe in vegas or someplace where i can visit it. other
9:50 pm
people can see it. >>reporter: bob estimates the baseballs might be worth millions if kept intact just because in spots the collection is so complete and so quirky. about for instance he took a shot at john wayne and got him. then john wayne gaze and bob it. this is well thought out collection. >> i have the john wayne generation covered. >>reporter: and filed we might add. not piled. from castro valley, abc 7 news. that's really l neat. fun to take time to go through it. >> all the biggest stars. biggest names not just athletes. all walk of life. that's very cool hobby actually. >> giants they delivered some souvenir of their open at wrigley field tonight. are the they about to return to first place? don nelson not returning to [ female announc ] jerry brown and oakland's schools
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00 o'clock. 2 we cans after the san bruno fire, the fire chief finally gets answer about his the gas line running upped the city. we have that story. ' ambitious new plan for going green. california rule that goes far beyond anything we have seen to date. those stories and a lieutenant more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. larry here with all the sports. warriors make an important decision going forward tonight. >> one they had to make. new owner coming in wants to start fresh. don nelson like to resign as warrior head coach and announcement could come by monday. assistant smart is expected to take of. nelli gets 6 million dollars left on the contract but the new owner want a new beginning fresh start. nelson all time winning coach in nba history. over 1300 victory but too much friction ncaa and a lot of players in recent years. might be so happy he might rent a blimp with goodbye
9:55 pm
nelli. smart expect to get 1 year deal to show what he can do as head man and general manager riley will stay on training camp will begin on tuesday. call them the schizophrenic giants after scoring a grand total of 2 will you understand over the past 2 nights in chicago the giantse rupt for 11 runs in 3 innings against the cubs this evening. how do you figure this out. styling and profiling. giants in the hat and he has a fish on his head. with welcome in the second inning. crushed. 2 run homer giants up 3 nothing. more from him in a second here. 6 nothing bases loaded. gone again. again same inning. 6 rbi in 1 inning for juan. 10 nothing. 9 run frame for the giants and all kind of problems scoring lately but mapger called the pre-game hitter what have he said at work. deep there. yints fan
9:56 pm
caught it with hugely cruise control struck out 9 through 7. giants roll 13 nothing now the padres lost just moments ago. giants are back in first by half game as they head to colorado for crucial series. a's and rangers. sparky at the game. if dallas pouncing bare handed one hopper to get murphy. outside the per game this is probably best performance of the year. scoreless in the first. sawed off. broken back. look took his head off. scored barton. a's up 5 nothing in the 7. defensive play better than the scoring play ins this game. if we rare 0and full extension. 8 innings allowed 1 hit. shut out texas 5 zip. still alive still alive. 7 back with 10 to play. milestone in toronto. blue jay slugger jose that is his league leading 50 homer of the year. he had 97 had more than
9:57 pm
than 16 in any prior season. no doubt about ichiro. 5th inning of the very same game 200 hits. 200 this season. 200. 10 straight years. the only other player to do that is pete rose blue jay blank them 1 nothing. bruce getting ready to start forth readers in arizona but the man is reallis ticket you take steps the status can change on hourly basis. brad named to take of for campbell who started first 2 games. men nickname brute brings energy to the offense. uses makes plays and he knows that in order to hang on to the starter job he has to keep making plays. >> i'm excited. but excitement end right there. no reason to be excited just yet. i haven't done nothing in my mind and this is a long season. so i'm just getting excited. just going to take it one week at a time and see what we can do from that. >>reporter: stanford rolled up 68 point wiping out lake
9:58 pm
forest last week. figures to be much tougher this saturday at notre dame. stanford 3 and o rank as high as 16 in one poll. andrew leading the attack. stanford on paper too much fire power for the fighting irish. they lost 7 in a row at south pwichbilityd i have to travel my true freshman year registered and definitely has a lot of football history. touch down jesus the whole thing. honor it will be an honor to play there but it's tough as well. >>reporter: how about cal coming off 21 point loss at virginia. they take to the road for second straight week. they open pac-10 play. this ace tough game. saturday night against undefeated and 14 rank arizona. >> nevada had a great environment. very loud. very hostile environment. we are going to get that arizona. we know. the different quarterback in arizona. he's a passer. not a big runner and so more cop conventional
9:59 pm
and so hopefully we'll do a better job of defend that go off. >> if in tucson under the light a little rough. if. >> made good point about nelle. can't go with a guy who has maybe one why more year. >> he's 70 years old. avenues great in0have itor in his time but basically it would be, be, lame duck season. >> give the new coach a 1 year. >> try it out. not a great team. 25 or 30 games whatever. it's a transition, regime change. trying to change the whole cull take your and change everything and part of that is you have to change the coach at the top. >> thanks very much. that's they diagnosis of 7 news at 9:00. coffee tv 20 stay connected 24-7 at abc 7 thanks for watching. see you again in 1 watching. see you again in 1 hour on channel 7. appreciate your


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